Monday, January 29, 2007

BearMeat's World Headquarters Presidential Library or What To Do With the Rumpus Room

Well now that my youngest has reached the age of maturity, otherwise known as the post-toddler off-to-the-boarding-school years, I no longer have a need for a rumpus room at work. Although I will miss the delightful squeals of my herd running about throwing billiard balls at each other through the paper-thin walls, I think I can put the room to better use. I propose in lieu of the W library moving to the Highlands of Dallas and in order to combat Red's depression, we dedicate our rumpus room to the rump-shakiest of them all, Billy C. Yes, I am aware he already has a library in Arkansas. That's why ours will be miniature and focus exclusively on all those championship jerseys he received from Texas teams in the nineties (Cowboys '92,* '93, '95, Rockets '94 and '95, etc.). He actually has more connections to Waco than W and before W built his McLennan County mansion they had probably spent the same amount of time in town. Most importantly, he is actually Baptist and you've gotta love his post-presidency 'stache.

* Super Bowl for the '92 season was played ten days after inauguration.

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  • Great idea, Judge. Lord knows that Waco needs another historical museum to ensure that our fragile I-35 business sector will continue to thrive. As Fazzoli's stands, so stands the City!

    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 8:41 AM  

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