Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bear vs Cow: Baylor Leads at Half!

Well, perhaps the 3-ball addicted, worst 3-ball shooting team in the Big12 (the B) will be pulling this one out, no? No. If the Bears can maintain this lead, then the BearMeat Editorial Board will buy a round of drinks for our readers at Scruffy Murphy's tonight. However, the Bears might just have a chance at toppling the most hyped frosh phenom this side of Greg Oden.

Our Commander-in-Chief Supports the Horns

Bruce has been showing the leadership that we have demanded of him and, surprise, the Bears are rebounding, scoring in the paint, and scoring in transition. And you thought we just liked to play the "slow-down and wait for the open 25-footer" game? Well, not always. Our suggestion for the second half: have Rogers take the ball inside more, have Bruce continue his driving to the hoop, and don't let Jerrells go crazy. Also, if Mamadou can't come back, Lomers is already in foul trouble, so we'll have to dig deep in the bench to find the appropriate white center (from Finland?) to play some "hack-a-Durant" defense.

Sic 'Em!

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