Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Education of Tweety Carter

Angola Avante!

Welcome to the official Central Texas Angolan Freedom Struggle Blog: BearMeat! We occupy a unique place as the only satirical Baylor sports blog owned and operated by Angolan investors. Our Angolan overlords have agreed to permit us a post on Tweety Carter, as long as it bears a Marxian imprint and is decidedly anti-imperialist. Another condition of theirs was that we agree to cease putting our Two Minnies lunches on the company account. This, however, is an insufferable condition. Now we have tasted the tyranny and oppression that our own Central Texas Warlord speaks so frequently of. However, when we don't comply, this is the last thing we see before being put in an Angolan Re-Education Camp:

No, Not The Rope Again!

So let us instead focus on Demond "Tweety" ("Top Shelf") Carter. Tweety was recently named Big12 Freshman of the Week for his 31 point, 7 3-ball performance against Syracuse. While the Gentlemen Bears struggled to compete against a school with such an illustrious legacy of moral character and dignity, Tweety showed the reason why is the all-time leading scorer in the HISTORY OF HIGH SCHOOL. The diminutive Carter is a true moral giant who chose the B for its Christian character - this is precisely the type of niche recruiting that we need to be doing - Africans, Finns, Aussies and Evangelicals. We here at BearMeat would be more than glad to put Scott Drew in touch with a few Angolan prospects that we have been forced to scout for BearMeat's majority shareholders. Nothing like AK-47s and machetes to make you focus on the game at hand.

Tweety is just the type of player we have been waiting for and we do believe that he will lead the Bears to the promised land (NCAAs) and will set the captives free of Angolan supremacy.


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  • Are you guys going to tear down the rims if we beat a ranked team this year?

    By Anonymous Brandon Dean Price, at 11:51 AM  

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