Thursday, November 16, 2006

Still Perfect: We Never Even Had to Worry

Thankfully the men's team kept their perfect record on national television intact tonight. I thought this might be a breakout performance that would launch them to prominence, but it wasn't. I'm going to cut the team some slack because I believe they were tired. I think they left it all on the court last night and didn't have enough to make tonight's game competitive. And let's make no bones about it, the final nine point spread doesn't due justice to the Zags dominance. The B was never a threat, not from the opening minutes until the clock ran out. Bruce passed the ball well and played good defense, but his shooting was atrocious. No one stepped up to fill that void and that was it for the B. The Zags aren't a defensive team, so I'll assume it was fatigue that keep the ball out of the hoop and all the loose balls ending up in the Zags hands. That's ok. There will be plenty of opportunities to show what kind of team they are once the conference season begins.

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  • Inbetween his KFC buckets, Majerus was the obvious analysis of our offense which has been the same for the last 4 years: Swing the ball around 10 feet behind the 3 point line, dribble... dribble... oh shit the shot clock is almost up, better throw up some ridiculous shot

    By Anonymous Brandon Dean Price, at 9:20 AM  

  • I am going to remain optimistic, despite all my instincts telling me otherwise. We can't possibly shoot this bad very often. Can we? Unfortunately, I have additional concerns because we got outrebounded, the Zags are not particularly physical, and they had 14 more free throws than us. I understand we are a guard team, but they can put it on the floor and go to the hole. I’d rather see shots by the hoop get blocked, than one jumper after another missing its mark. The team showed no signs of life until the second half and by then it was just too much to overcome. I think this game will help their development.

    By Blogger Judge Baylor, at 1:24 PM  

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