Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rolling on the Cougs: Thank You Gainsville

Well it looks like the team was ready to play tonight. Mulk's nearly flawless gameplan (Mormonism is still safe for the moment) directed the B to a beautiful victory. They played great, smart pressure defense and had their way on offense. Mosby reminds me of Sophia. I didn't realize that we had such an incredible player transfer in. It's perfect because she can provide leadership to a young, talented team. Also, big ups to Escalade. I know it is early, but I believe this team will go deep into the tournament. Mulk will have them playing their best in March. It still amazes me what Mulk has done at Baylor. She is such a talented coach that it is almost incomprehensible she ended up here. We must do everything in our power to keep her around until she retires. I think Coach Mulk Court should be in the pipeline.

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