Saturday, November 04, 2006

RaiderMeat: The Legend of the Wichita Kid

Why is the defense trying to sabotage the coming out party of the Wichita Kid? What happened on that 3rd and 1 snap? Do we have an offensive line? Who are we? From whence did we come? Whither the Bears? Questions like these have been plaguing the BearMeat editorial board for the entire first half.

This game is supposed to be the showcase of the darkest of the Heisman darkhorses, Colt McCoy's evil Polish twin, The Wichita Kid. However, without an offensive line, a defense that realizes the game has begun, and a coaching staff that can adapt to the arid West Texas climate, the Bears are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past decade of Baylor football.

Flashes of Kevin Steele while consuming multiple pitchers of Lone Star . . .

Sic 'Em?

Despair sets in . . . as we help ourselves to meat lover's pizza dipped in peppercorn ranch . . . there isn't enough food in the world to fill the spiritual void of giving up 3 TDs in the 2Q.

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