Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mulkey: Rhapsody in Blue

Since Pat has gone into hibernation for the winter, I shall try to follow his photo-essay example with a very special tribute to our beloved Lady Bears coach, who brought the B its first championship and restored our hope in all that is good about WacoU. This post shall serve as the BearMeat Lady Bears Season Preview. Sometimes words are insufficient when reflecting on the best coach in women's basketball. Images are worth thousands of them anyway. Can you tell we have a collective crush on our coach?

Sic' Em, Mulkey.

Two warlords who respect strength.

Photo taken from flier of Mulk's Punk Rock Band, the Flaming Dr Pepper's

Sharing a laugh, and a Congressman.

Beware, all ye who would incur the wrath of Mulk.

What dreams may come . . .

Style. Class. Mulkey.

Some lessons must be taught.

Leading the Lady Bear Rebellion.

The Occasional Steel Magnolias Moment.

Sometimes a baby blue suit does the talking for you.

Old School. La Tech. Once a champ, always a champ.

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