Thursday, November 30, 2006

The B's Men's B-Ball Team Nicknames: Part 2 Return to Endor

Patrick "JuCo" Fields

Vowed to Coach Drew upon arriving on campus to take a dump on anyone who dared to guard him. Pictured above making good on his promise.

Tim "Big Easy" Bush

As comfortable banging in the post as he is clearing the lane to the Golden Corral buffet.

Mark "Code Name: Mr. Intangibles" Shepherd

Every team has at least one. Often described by tv commentors as a "hustler," a "coach's player," a "character player," or "smart."

Josh "The Slum Lord" Lomers or "Big Boy Boerne"

Sadly this nickname is unrelated to basketball. The Slum Lord actually owns several rat-infested properties off Colcord Avenue. Sic 'em?

Demond Tweety "Top Shelf"Carter

Tweety is a gentleman of refined tastes with an ability to take and make great shots. One sip of Oban Single Malt Scotch 32 Year and he'll be draining deep threes all night long.

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