Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Best Nickname Ever?

The B plays the Purdue Boilermakers on Sunday for the Preseason WNIT Championship. I was ecstatic to discover a university willing to have a delicious beer/whiskey combo for their nickname. I have personally sent no fewer than a dozen letters to Bobby Sloan imploring him to alter our name to the Baylor Black and Tans. Yeah I know, it's awesome. Just another reason why Dr. Bobby got his pink slip. The Boilermakers are ranked #12 in the country. This will be another great, early test for Mulk's young team. I predict the froshmeat will continue to shine. Little Aristotle will add to her already record performance of 15 blocks in the WNIT. She has already shattered the Paris of Oklahoma's, i.e. Tulsa's, record with a game to go. Escalade will continue to hit from downtown and the others will continue to learn from Mulk. Tisdale will control the game and Mosby will be an unstoppable lowpost force. This is the 1st time these teams have ever met, so I expect Mulk to will try to make this a message game. The message being, don't play Baylor.

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  • I love Baylor women's b-ball. even if they lose, they have the heartof a CHAMPION.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:45 AM  

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