Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We Salute Great Demotivator Posters

Though we usually do not give props to anyone other than ourselves, BearMeat would be remiss not to display a few "demotivator" posters fashioned by the cynical loyalists at Here is a sampling of their work:

Exhibit A: Baylor pride with a sprinkle of good-natured jest.

Exhibit B: Plain-old frustration.

Exhibit C: Homophobic anti-Aggie fare, which we can't fully endorse, but the photo was too good to be true.

Exhibit D: Some Kevin Steele nostalgia. Here he appears to be openly weeping in Mack Brown's arms. Texas's most celebrated coach (since Royal) with Baylor's most reviled.

Exhibit E: Another example of Steele's emotive arsenal.

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