Wednesday, October 04, 2006

BuffaloMeat: Can the B extend its Big12 W streak to 3?

Virtue vs. Vice
The most scandal-ridden program in the Big12 (sorry OU), CU-Boulder has had a long history of descending in to the depths of the collegiate athletics moral abyss. Not that we at the B are without sin, but CU as of late seems to be reaping what it has sewn. CU's reputation as a party school is unparalleled in the Mountain Time Zone. The hazing, the binge drinking, the allegations of misconduct; CU takes the cake. The football program, since its "national championship," has been in one major scandal after another.

Bill McCartney's (founder of Promise Keepers) daughter Krystin, who was twice impregnated by Buffaloes.

Rick Neuheisel's 53 recruiting violations.

The multiple rape allegations under Barnett.

While we reserve judgment on this sordid decade and a half of CU football, we point out that we can relate to the Buffs. Not so much the fall from grace -- we fell from bowl-contention, but not national championship contention -- but the curse. Something or someone has cursed CU (Ward Churchill?) and to that we offer our condolences. As victims of the most common curse in collegiate athletics (we truly have an Indian buried under our Quadrangle), we extend our sympathy to the hapless 0-5 Buffs as they look to squeak past the B to bring some dignity back to their school for Homecoming.

Sadly, things will only get worse before they get better. If last week's two passing TDs by Bell&Co are any indication, the Buffs will be in for a long day of penalties, turnovers, and six-yard passes, compliments of the oldest school in Texas. God speed you on your way, CU. Only a few more games before the smell of sulfur will become unbearable.

Sic 'em.

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