Saturday, October 14, 2006

BevoMeat: Let Us Now Praise Colt McCoy

Well, for starters, the B scored more points on UT than any other team has this season, including our final, phantom TD. Had the game ended at the conclusion of the first quarter, we would have had a stunning upset. The first play of the game was an 80-yard TD strike from Bell to Shelton that seemed to cast aside all doubts about the CareBear (formerly AirBear) Offense. Then the second quarter happened. 3 BU turnovers = 3 TU TDs. So much for the I-35 Surprise.

C.J. did not manage to live up to the smack talk, missing two major plays that could have prevented TDs. The D did the best they could, but in the end, Mack's boys had their way with us. To quote Swanburg:

Watching this game is like picking up a tranny hooker. They give you a good tease, get you excited, and then whip it out leaving you frustrated, embarrassed, and confused.

All in all, putting up 30+ against the #6 team in the country is not too bad of an outing. We look forward to demolishing the rest of our schedule in the weeks ahead. The Big12 is wide open this year and we hope to BBQ some Ags, Red Raiders, Jayhawks, Sooners and Cowboys. BearMeat will no longer be served to such heathen swine. No, the Bear will feast on their flesh instead. You might call it the circle of life. You might even make a movie about it set in Africa. You could animate it and have celebrities do the voices for the animals. What the hell am I talking about?

So, let's recap.

Big12 Win Streak: Gone With the Wind.

Shawn Bell for Heisman: Maybe next year.

GuyMo: Still a badass.

Lee "Desperado" Hays: Still hasn't learned to call running plays.

Trent Shelton: King of the First Quarter TD.

George Shelton: King of the Baylor Football Fans.

C.J. Wilson: A little less talk, and a lot more action.

Sepulveda: Danny Boy, we love the new beard. Like Sampson's hair, it is your strength. Never cut it.

UT: We hope you keep rolling until you get snubbed for the BCS championship game, where you would have lost to Ohio State again anyway.

Kansas: Watch your back. There's gonna be a Bear on it.

Agriculturalists: Stop molesting that donkey and start preparing for your trip to Waco.

Sic 'em: Sic 'em.

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  • Well that was an interesting game. The days of everyone laughing at Baylor appear to be over. Guy Morris is the real deal bringing some good players in to Waco. I was really surprised and impressed with the overall team speed of the Bears. Much improved. Long live Guy!

    My one gripe:

    What was shawn bell doing giving the upside down Hook em Horns after the first touchdown? I can understand he is really really excited, but you don't go into another teams stadium and disrespect them showing that to their fans. Espically when you have nothing to back it up. Just thought that was a classless act that Guy should talk, nay coach bell about. Time to move out of the "underdog, nobody respects us role" into the "play with some class like you belong" role. You're better than teams that would do that(see Tech) by gosh, it's time to move up in the Big 12 and Shawn shouls start acting like is happening.

    Just my 2 cents.

    By Blogger Tito, at 10:12 AM  

  • Agreed. No need to tempt fate. Time to join the others at Valhalla, or at least at a bowl game. Shawn's exuberance got the best of him. Perhaps he has been spending too much time with the C.J. "The Mouth of the Bosque" Wilson.

    Our apologies. BearMeat should be the only Baylor trash-talkers; and we are jealous of our reputation.

    Thanks for your comments, Tito.

    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 11:50 AM  

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