Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Remembering the Positive: Forgetting Football Briefly

Sometimes when a fan of the B's football team thinks too much about the season it can cause the same effects as some migraine medications: nausea, depression, and bleeding from various orifices. I needed a break from the B's most frustrating sport and decided it was time to think about women's basketball. I happened upon this article, already a few weeks old, but nevertheless refreshing during these bleak days before the Army game. I didn't realize that Chameka was on the Monarchs, playing for a championship, although I don't believe she plays much yet. Remembering Chameka reminds me of Mulkey and the team's magical tournament run two years ago. And of course, then I think of Sophia in her 1st professional season, who made the WNBA All-Rookie Team and is already an All-Star. It's enough to make you misty-eyed. But I won't dwell in the past for too long. There is no need to. Mulkey has already forgotten about her past success and the Seniors she lost. She is consumed with winning tomorrow. And you know she will.

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