Tuesday, September 05, 2006

FrogMeat, Part 17: What’s in a Name? Time to Drop the “C”

Texas Christian University you say? Oh, I don’t think so. A quick review of TCU’s thankfully short Mission, Vision, and Core Values leaves you to wondering if it is time for a name change. Not once, in the 77-word mission statement is Christian (or a similar word) used in any context whatsoever. The one chance they have to write it out as part of the university’s name, they merely using their acronym, TCU. In fact, religion plays no part in their mission statement.

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The B on the other hand, manages to get in no less than five references to Christ and even one Jesus. We also have five references to church, four for Baptist, two for spiritual and four for ecclesia. TCU that "C" belongs to us. I realize you've had it awhile now and I am sure you are attached to it, but really are you using it? We need it. Baylor Christian University (BCU), aka "the B cubed" has a nice ring to it. I'm sure Sloan approached you about this years ago. And yes, I realize your new C-less name would be what the Agriculturalists call UT, since they are in some sort of imaginary competition to be not as old as the B. However, we don't want to just take a letter and not give you anything in return. We are willing to write you a letter of recommendation to the Big 12 to consider you for admission. We will reference all your highlights: your generosity in giving us the "C", your secular mission statement, and your proximity to I-35. Do we have a deal?

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  • If only mission statements had as much influence on-campus as you, Judge, and other founders had intended for them to...

    Your idealism is admirable, and frankly, your jealousy over religion - even if only in the title - is surprising to find in this blog.

    However, perhaps the criterion for awarding the coveted "C" should be based more in reality. Unbeknownst to those aspiring future academics who make firm judgements about another institution only on the basis of title, price exclusivity, and occasionally, a mission statement, lay many surprising and unexpected facts which can rarely be discovered without ever setting foot on that campus.

    One such fact that will never be publicly acknowledged by the B, or TCU, DBU, HBU and other aspiring religious institutions, is that the biggest Baptist and Christian school in the state is none of them. In fact, they'd rather not even talk about the subject, since that discussion would quickly have to end in the acknowledgement of the winner who is not even participating in the race for the title. Yet that institution is perhaps the last bastion where conservative values are valued, and the pious ambitions from other schools mission statements are put to life without being trumpeted.

    I wouldn't dare pronounce the name of the institution here, since those very words are enough cause for anathema in your locale. But as a last clue I would mention that a single weekly event on its campus gathers an equivalent of 1/3 of B's student population. They just get together to do a Bible study and sing a few songs...

    Oh, and afaik, their graduates have pretty much overwhelmingly taken over the DTS.

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