Saturday, September 30, 2006

CareBear, Part 4: K-State Online Streaming BearCast Part 3

Seven (7) minutes left, in this our historic first ever BearMeat Online Streaming BearCast, but our Bears refuse to put KSU away, insisting on fumbling and dropping passes. Why must all our hope be constantly tempered with mediocre reality?

Will the B be able to hold on? Yes! Crawford just made his second INT tonight, keeping BU in the tops in the nation in takeaways. Can we convert this sloppy game into a win? Who knows. Bell answers that question by delivering an INT of his own. If only GWB would make up his mind and give us our library. That's all this team needs to live up to its potential. Stop flirting with K-State, Mr. President. Who gave you the SLC to meet with Putin? Who let you chill out at the Armstrong-Browning Library to meet with Vicente Fox? Who let you host your "Economic Summit" on their leafy grounds? Baylor, that's who. Time to pay us our due.

Don't listen to Laura; SMU and Univ of Dallas both suck. They are not on the Brazos. We are. They are not in the Big12. We are. They don't share a county with your ranch. We do. Also, we have a 50% chance of beating the 'Cats. Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

Sic 'Em.

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