Saturday, September 30, 2006

CareBear, Part 3: K-State Online Streaming BearCast Part 2

As we write the second installment of the K-State Radio Streaming Blog, we cannot contain our enthusiasm that we actually have scored two passing TDs this game! Can you believe CareBear is actually working? Not to jinx our conference opener, but things are looking good. The offense is performing well, but the big unsung story of the game, and the season so far, has been the BearPit Defense. Damn, they're good. They're about to grub on some CatCuisine.

. . . wait, interception! Hah! Our third take-away this game (thanks, John Morris) . . . wait, Zeigler to Bell??? First and Goal! Wow! Funny how many QBs we have that play receiver . . . hand-off to Whitiker . . . looks like we're throwing a bone to the running backs again . . . 2nd & Goal . . . Bell to Parks for a pick up of 5 . . . almost there, Bears, don't choke, come on, don't choke . . . 3rd and Goal . . tipped up, no catch . . . 4th & Goal . . . FG unit. Up and Good! 17-3 Bears!

Let's beat those immodest heathens. This is a clash of civilizations. Would a Betty Baylor ever adorn her mammaries with the Sailor Bear? Perish the thought.

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