Saturday, September 30, 2006

CareBear, Part 2: K-State Online Streaming BearCast Part 1

Well, it seems that our Bears are leading again in the first half on a Heisman-esque strike from Bell to Shelton. Yet, our troubles continue with penalties, lack of rushing game, and special-olympics-quality special teams. While we at the BearMeat editorial board are biting our nails for this conference opener against a terrible K-State team, perhaps a few trips down memory lane, compliments of Youtube, are in order.

Let's hope we see much more of this after routine conference games. A nostalgic, Clinton-era tear drops my eye.

How about a nice Aryan Sic 'Em routine? Why not?

And who can resist another George Shelton clip? This one has a grainy quality as if Shelton were a mythical creature like BigFoot.

[Live Internet Streaming Update: A 69-yard punt by DannyBoy?!?! Wow. I can hear the Ray Guy announcement already. Also, K-State is definitely leading in penalties. We could learn something from that type of carelessness.]

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