Tuesday, August 29, 2006

FrogMeat, Part 11: The Eleventh Best Football Blog in Texas

Dear Drew Webb:

Your ranking of Texas Football Blogs in the September 2006 issue of Texas Monthly was obviously a difficult chore. In deciding which blogs to include and which to exclude, we know you must have agonized and lost sleep over the gravity of your decisions. We appreciate that you chose to include a Baylor blog, the Bear Blog, written by esteemed WacoTrib sports editor Jerry Hill, in your Top 10 list. We also thought your inclusion of powerhouse blog BON, covering the Roman Empire of college athletics, was on point. However, five of your "blogs" are actually columns written by sportswriters on the payroll of major Texas dailies. Similarly, your Fan Blogs: Texas A&M, which garnered spot #4, isn't a blog by anyone's definition. So, taking stock, your list includes five major print journalism columns, a non-blog, and a few other questionable picks. The only choice which fits the sports blogosphere definition of a football blog is BON, who should be atop your list. We fully agree with the premise (and headline) of this little list: Texas has great sports blogs. However, you named about three of them. You have no grasp on what constitutes a good blog and were given this assignment by someone who thought you might know, but had no way of checking your work. You have cheated the readership of Texas Monthly, and you shirked this assignment, which would have only taken two hours of serious research to do it right, instead of the 15 min of Googling you put in. And finally, you left out BearMeat. This is unforgivable. We are the most dynamic Texas sports blog on the scene and deserve recognition. Throw us a bone here, Webb.

Sic 'em!

[For good measure, here is his list:

Our Football Blogs Are Better Than Everyone Else's
Ten we like:
1. Recruiting Buzz
2. Burnt Orange Nation: A Texas Longhorns Blog
3. Bevo Beat
4. Fan Blogs: Texas A&M
5. Double T Ranch
6. The Bear Blog
7. Big 12
8. Texans Rock
9. Cowboys Blog
10. Dallas Cowboys and the NFL

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  • Texas Monthly has done a great disservice to their readership by not including us in their top ten. If I was not illiterate, I would be greatly offended. We can take some solace in the fact that we were recently declared the most annoyingly, irrelevant sports blog by the Christian Science Monitor.

    By Blogger Judge Baylor, at 8:17 AM  

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