Friday, July 28, 2006

GuyMo, First Blood, Part 2: What Would GuyMo Do?

This question popped in my head at an awkward point last night. After my seventh pint of the National Beer of Texas, I found myself in front of a sea of faces struggling through the third verse of Ace of Base's "The Sign." Not realizing that my struggles went unnoticed due to the always magical Red Andrews' lilting voice dancing though the air like a pennywhistle, I panicked whilst I dropped the lyrics and notes simultaneously. It was at this point when a bright light descended on me, possibly a blue, green and yellow light, and The Question was ushered through my synapses like the offering plate at First Baptist Church. What Would GuyMo Do? His inspirational speech soon transpired.

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"I am GuyMo! And I see a namby-pamby, here in defiance of
the great words of Ace of Base! You came to sing well. And
sing well you will! What will you do without notes and words?
Will you sing?"
"D-Minor! I need D-Minor!" - I shouted. "No! I will run and
talk my words!"
"Yes!" GuyMo roared back. "Sing and you may fail. Talk and you
will just talk for awhile. And lying in your bed mere hours from now,
would you be willing to wait for D-Minor all the days from this day
to that for one chance, just one chance, to tell your precious D-Minor
that no one's gonna drag you up to get you into the light where you
belong...But where do you belong? Oh, oh, oh!"

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  • The luncheon was an astounding success. Our operatives secured a photo quite to our liking. You would have loved the grub and Baylor chumminess.

    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 12:36 PM  

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